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Spectrum Healing Store

Acsension Tools for Modern Times

A wonderful way to receive and feel amazing.

If you have never experienced a Spectrum Healing Grid this is a special multidimensional experience, by design, it is a teaching, a healing and a meditation all in one. These healing Grids are like a journey inside you, they are set up & facilitated inside the scared portal energies of Spectrum, calling upon all my skillset & spiritual tools.

These Grids are all recorded & time-locked which means it doesn’t matter when you listen to them, it will take you back in time to the time I recorded them receiving the exact benefit you need in current time in the comfort of your own time & space. They will meet your energies exactly where you are at and the activations, initiations & healing will begin.

You can listen to them again & again as they keep giving as they work their energetic magic.

Click on the Grids below for detailed information about what each individual Grid offers & the healing & transformational benefits

They will be downloaded to you immediately upon purchase.


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