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Special Remote Healing Grids

Next Healing Grids -

  • Focus on the light - Transcend the FEAR May 16th 2024

  • June Solstice -21st June 2024

  • 8:8:8 Lions Gate Portal  8th August 2024in Sedona USA

Remote Healing Grids are incredible Ascension Tools facilitated by Donna McCormick on powerful cosmic days of the year. By design, they are created to be a healing, teaching and meditation all in one. They are presented in an audio format making them easily accessible for listening to at your convenience.  

Primarily Grids are made available to the Spectrum Healing family for personal growth, and transformation and aid in your evolution – to further embody your magnificence. Additionally, they often encompass planetary and collective healing energies.

Each Grid has a standing theme and is dependent on the energies in a given month a sub-theme will emerge, through Donna as the medium of these trans-formative energies. These sub-themes result in more focused healing based on the Grids theme. Donna uses a specific energetic technique she has perfected over the years, which she refers to as “time locking”, to make each Grid facilitated available for listening on the day and any day thereafter. This means you can continue to listen to the Grids as often as you feel called. Packaged into an easy and convenient audio recording, delivered via email upon completion, they can be listened to anywhere and anytime.

 Donna also facilitates these trans-formative healings on specific energetic days of the year!

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How are Grid's Performed?

Performed from our Healing Centre & energy Portal in Manly every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked so when you listen to the recording it will take you back to that moment in no time and the activation & healing will begin. The gift of these Grids is you can listen to them over and over again as they just keep giving and you will hear and feel things differently each time depending on what you need in that moment.


Whilst the Grid is being facilitated  you can get on with your day, there will NOT be an on impact to your energy or your day. The true activation, healing and expansion happen when you listen to the recording.  


These Grids are very sacred & a lot of preparation work behind the scenes  goes into creating them. By design they are a meditation, a healing & a teaching all in one. These teachings are direct to your souls growth, ascension & evolution. Some times the concepts shared may be foreign to you that is why they are called teaching, as you listen you will embody the energy & frequency behind the teachings. Donna invites you to open your heart, open your mind and let your soul receive.


An audio recording is provided at the conclusion of every grid and is sent to your registered email in our booking system. Sometimes Donna is guided to runs the energy longer than the allocated time so as it is complete it will be emailed to you.

Spectrum Healing Founder Donna McCormick performs all Grids. 

What to Expect?

Deep cellular healing, renewal and rejuvenation through a combination of the following technologies; 

  • Spectrum Portal of Light & Sound Colour Frequencies 

  • Crystalline Grids - infused with bush flower essences & oil

  • DNA Activation & Healing 

  • Light body activation

  • Cosmic teachings 

  • Chakra clearing

  • Etheric Surgery 

  • Shamanic Journeying 

  • Soul Chard & Fragment Retrieval 

  • Ancestral Healing 

  • Soul Healing

  • Clearing distortion in biological Mother & Father lineages 

  • Sharing of deep wisdom & insights

  • Teaching you to focus and embrace new concepts

  • Expanding consciousness

  • Opening you to Oneness

  • Working deeply with your " I am Presence" 

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  • Are you disconnecting from yourself or struggling in your beloved relationships? 

  • Do you feel lost, empty or undesirable? 

  • Is there a sense of disunity or discord in your interpersonal relationships? 

  • Is it difficult for you to trust others and surrender to the unknown? 



  • Are you lacking abundance in all or some areas of your life? 

  • Are you struggling to connect with your highest purpose? 

  • Do you feel that you are not reaching your highest potential?

  • Feeling stuck, lazy, apathetic or unable to move forward?

  • Are you wanting to manifest wealth , vitality and love into your life?



  • Do you feel overwhelmed, fatigued or exhausted? 

  • Are you battling to maintain your ideal weight? 

  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness? 

  • Are you suffering from aches & pains or stiff joints?

  • Do you have any family history of illness?

Unity in All Loving Relationships Grid is a co-creative healing process to transform patterning, beliefs and values which create a sense of discord or disunity in any of your relationships.


Whether you struggling to attract your soul mate, find that perfect partner or maintain that “spark” in your current relationship or ultimately within yourself this is the perfect Healing Grid for you. 


  • Allow, open, create & attract more loving relationships

  • Connect or reconnect with your soul mate 

  • Balancing of Yin/Yang to accept oneself more wholly & completely

  • Invite in more LOVE

Abundance Grids are a co-creative healing process which helps you overcome challenges like these or other patterns that are creating lack within your life.


Each Grid is unique however typically works to identify and clear energetic blockages, impediments, imprints or soul contracts limiting your highest potential. 

They awaken abundance in all areas of your life by anchoring deeper states of Self Esteem, Self Worth & Self Value. 

  • Deepening connection to your soul signature frequency 

  • Transforming lack mentality and programming 

  • Transcending time, space, money, sexual & food issues

  • Activate greater JOY in your life

Healing and Preventing Dis-Ease in the Body Grid is a co-creative healing process to assist you overcoming these common ailments as well as sexual & fertility issues, headaches & fogginess, IBS & IBD and other unexplained physical symptoms. 


Each Grid is unique and typically works to clear distortions & repair wounds within the DNA, ancestral and family lineages. Create a vibrant, healthy and thriving body through the trans-formative power of this Grid.

  • Prevent and heal Dis-Ease in the body

  • Regain vitality & optimum health

  • Clearing out all energetic pathways and systems of the body

  • Fortify the endocrine system

  • Open & activate the meridian channels

What other clients have experienced..

Naleeni, NSW

Healing journey has been extraordinary..

I decided about a year ago that I would start attending Donna's grids, trusting that they would be beneficial even though I didn't really understand them. I have regularly attended the dis-ease, abundance and love grids and I never miss the call for one of her special grids. Attending the grids is effortless but the healing journey has been extraordinary. I now live my life with more grace and ease. My children tell me there is more peace. Most of all I feel so open to love from everything and everyone around me. Best of all, working with my DNA we have been able to resolve generations of issues so that future generations do not have to suffer in the same way and all through listening to a brief audio when the grid is done.


Yesterday's grid was the end of the old ways...

During the grid I saw the central nervous system in fight or flight mode and then once you healed it is calmed down. It felt like the glandular system and central nervous system now have a new way of working and they are now embodying love and are in perfect working order as if this is the first time they have done so.  Yesterday's grid was the end of the old ways and the new way is to live your life with purpose. Feeling awesome today very calm. 


I AM feeling 10 feet tall...

Hi Donna

Listened to the grid I AM feeling 10 feet tall!!

Really interesting about the tongue - all makes sense.

In gratitude 

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