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Donna McCormick

As an intuitive innate healer, Donna's passion at Spectrum is to bring peace, harmony & passion back into her clients' lives and to provide support and guidance to let go of “your story” which is keeping you stuck in the past and unable to move forward. Donna believes that every person deserves to experience a happy & fulfilling life - filled with love, joy, adventure and abundance.

Through energetic practices, Donna will clear any energetic blocks and resistance that may be showing up in your life, give you greater mental clarity, increase physical energy, connect deeper to your spiritual gifts and stabilise your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Donna is highly passionate about supporting you awaken and anchor you in your highest potential, purpose and empowerment, to deepening your  understanding of who you are and help you find the answers within to re-connect you back with your soul's frequency & your true Authentic self.

Let's dive deep and bring your True Essence to the surface.

Master Healer 

Practice founder & principal, Donna McCormick, is a Master Spectrum Healer and Teacher, an awakened conscious being, working directly with client’s spirit, divine mind, soul, body, heart & energetic system. She is an 8th colour multi-dimensional spiritual healer & modern day Medicine Woman. Spectrum Healing is a healing modality that incorporates an energetic intelligence via intention, wisdom and knowledge that will organically facilitate a purification process at a soul level. Donna is able to align this intelligence with your souls unique frequency offering a profound transformation.


Donna has had the honour & privilege of facilitating over 26,000 Healing & Mentoring sessions over the last 15 years, and she holds this in her heart with the deepest of gratitude and compassion.


Her passion is supporting & helping her clients & students transform their lives. She is deeply connected to Mother Earth and is dedicated to the conservation of our earth & the spirit of Gaia as a World Matrix Healer. Like Mother Earth she holds the most sacred space for her clients and those who meet her for the first time will feel the warmth of her love & humbleness of being.  You will live how much she loves to be of service.


Her special gift is working with the 8th colour ray, light and sound frequencies, to target the root cause of trauma, disease & dysfunctional patterning. Donna has a rare talent where the sound and colour frequency communicates with her, from within your cosmic blueprint, so transformation can begin. Her experience has gifted her with access to the Akashic Records; information, tools & techniques that can support shifts within your DNA, your past, present and future timelines, your families biological & ancestral and soul lineages. 

Donna is multi-dimensional & lives consciously way beyond the realms of the 3D.

Teacher of Teachers 

At the higher levels of her mentoring programs, Donna focuses on empowerment to enlightenment philosophy via a purification process in both the seen and unseen, this will raise one's vibration and anchor greater levels of the I AM presence and unity consciousness. 


She is most passionate about releasing your conditioning, DNA, the endocrine system & the energetic system & its correlation to the development, growth & evolution of a souls journey. In her role as a World Matrix Healer, she is dedicated and committed to raising the consciousness of all sentient kind whilst reclaiming our sovereignty as natural beings born of the Earth Mother. 


You will often hear Donna say her greatest teachers are her clients and students. She believes "hands-on" will gain you the deepest wisdom, experience and foundation in which to transform her own life as well as Spectrum Healing 


Donna has mentored, guided and helped support many souls’ transition into their own healing & mentoring practices. Thus she is often referred to as the "Teacher of the Teachers."

  • Will this depression ever end? 

  • What is keeping me stuck and unable to move forward

  • Why am I attracting "awful" situations and circumstances? 

  • Why am I so unlucky? 

  • Why am I fearful of change? 

  • What is blocking my highest potential? 

  • What is ascension and am I ready? 

  • Do I sabotage my health, happiness or bliss? 

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Why do I live on an emotional roller-coaster?

  • Why do react and behave disfunctionally? 

  • Why can't I maintain my ideal weight?

  • Why am I so angry? 

  • Why do I resent myself or others so much? 

  • Why am I so tired and exhausted? 

  • Why do I struggle in my inter personal relationships? 

  • Will I attract my true soul mate?


Donna's Sessions will help you find the answers to love life free.




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I am dedicated and devoted to sharing my gifts of healing with humanity's heart, soul and mind. I am here to be of service to the One with the highest of integrity 

95% of Spectrum Healing's clients come from referrals through word of mouth, something I am very proud of.

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