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Spiritual Energy

Healing/Mentoring Sessions

These sessions are Donna's most popular session as you dive deep into 

your cosmic blueprints and energetic  system allowing the blocks and resistance to become visible. Using chakra and auric system practices Donna is able to clear these blocks and resistance so you can live a happy and fulfilling life. Each session will give you greater mental clarity, increased physical energy, connect you deeper to you heart space  and opening you to your own  spiritual gifts so you are able to stabilise your feelings, thoughts and emotions, releasing the old, to embody the present and create the future you want. Each session has a combination of the support of crystals, colour, sound, essential oils and the elements. 

Healing/Mentoring Sessions


Relationship Healing & Mentoring

Bring your relationship back into unity, peace & harmony & understand where your light and shadow aspects and how this effects the role you play in your relationships. Gain a deeper understanding and HEAL the discord of any polarised habits or beliefs. Receive insights into the relationship of Yin/Yang and its correlation to thriving passionate  relationships. Feel supported to break down the walls and protective mechanisms of the inner child - which has been showing up as relationship issues. Discover each others love languages to support bringing out the best in each other and together in a solid supportive partnership.



Mentorship Programs

"Journey of Mastery Mentorship Program" is a self discovery, purification and empowerment  program run over 4 initiatory levels. Aimed at empowering one to purify & heal that which is limiting manifestation of your dreams and authentic expression of your unique soul signature  frequency (blue print). In this Program we explore all aspects of you as a body, a soul, a spirit, a mind, an ego as we journey back home to your heart.


"Living a Charged Conscious Life" is a journey of awakening your inner power centre run over 7 weeks for total personal transformation. 


"Living a Life Full of Love" is a deep heartfelt journey of your holistic self, opening you to create your most authentic YOU - Full of Love.


Remote Healing Grids

Are you unable to make a session 1:1 or would like to have a session within the comfort of your own home? In a remote healing grid Donna is able to tune into your energy with the intention that the healing goes where it is most needed. It can be done from anywhere in the world. Donna offers three unique Grids per month focused on a unique healing theme. Based on her guidance and what will most serve you and the collective, from the energies being revealed in that month, she will create a sub theme for each grid. This results in a focused, targeted and relevant energy healing/upgrade. All Grids are timelocked which means they will activate  when you listen to them and will continue to keep giving  as you listen again and again. 


Retreats & Workshops

Egypt postponed Until Further Notice


Online Meditation Courses

Mindfulness means “paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” 

– Jon Kaba

Do you want to experience less stress, anxiety and worry, improve sleeping patterns, feel more self-acceptance and self-love, reduce reactivity and increase emotional intelligence & Experience more joy? 

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