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5D & Beyond- an initiation into your higher timelines of our New Earth/ New Era. Awaken, align & activate your physical and energetic body with the delicious and powerful frequencies and vibrations of my all-time favourite portal of the year. 11.11.


We are activating new timelines now available to us here on EARTH. Initiating the gateway to intuition, dreams manifested, the presence of spiritual guidance & your destiny, whilst welcoming our ancient future self & all the gifts that brings. Let us transcend wounds of the old timelines that have co-created habits that no longer serve our true authentic selves; -lack of trust-defensiveness & inner turmoil- blockages to receive & let life in & flow of Abundance Let us walk through the portal gateway shining our bright light, brighter than ever before, our world needs our light more than ever right now. OUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS- I AM PRESENCEThe greatest spiritual gift is being present, the greatest human gift is being present. All we have is NOW Let us evolve together as, One heart, One love, One breath, Oneness .. We are the open doorway to be the light of the world.. to open the hearts of our brothers & sisters as we have the courage to shine bright and touch them with love along the way. Loving life free.

Y et underneath what we see in the outer world is the truth of love, inside us all.

Awakening Humanity holds the light and we will consciously walk through this portal together & illuminate light the brightest of lighthouses .. shining on the darkness to rise to the surface for further purging & healing..

It’s time for your soul garden to grow and brightly blossom into a scented space that magnetizes an abundant flow of elemental creation to it. Let us work with the elements & Mother Gaia to illuminate our soul,s presence & frequency into this world. It’s time to work together in the quantum field of ONENESS .. let me guide your through to your souls truth, opening you to more of your purpose, illuminating your path forward offering a new alignment to powerful frequencies on offer in this portal, 5Dimesional & beyond.

In the cycles of life, here lies the magic, we can embrace this magic by supporting the light.

And with this .. it ..

-feels Solar alignment

-feels planetary rhythm

-feels harmonic resonance

-feels personal upgrade

-feels ascension

Let us walk through this gateway portal together in the heart of love & the love heart.. doorways to our soul & the cosmic heart…

Before we find peace we must instill harmony, and it all begins with you & me.

11.11- 2023 Remote Healing Grid

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