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Lets Illuminate- A Journey with Akaska

Comprehensive 5th Dimensional Energetic Health Check & Upgrade


Together let us create a new vibration for humanity, a shift of consciousness into the light …

Starting with YOU!!

I love that the 11.11 portal is approaching weaving & dancing together with this wild eclipse season. Change, transformation, transcendence -time to write a new story !!!

Are you ready ??

Are you in??

Oh yeah!!

The key to embodying more light, freeing yourself & holding your 5th Dimensional frequency and beyond, is your BODY memory~ clean cells is the alchemy -Body intelligence -connect to your Body Elemental.

Upleveling your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies to bring you into alignment with your highest 5th Dimensional soul frequency, unique to you is what this 11.11 portal energy is all about.

I described 2022 as the year of RELEASE, ALIGN & EXPAND. And we are at the pointier end of the year & from my lens, we are now sitting in the Expansion vibration. This excites me no end, the commitment & dedication to the light is really revealing itself now.


So I would love to leverage these most powerful illuminating frequencies of the 11.11 portal & offer you all a comprehensive energetic health check on all four counterparts of your soul, the chakras and the body itself, working directly with Source & the element of Akaska. With an additional focus on ABUNDANCE CODES


Having the absolute pleasure & honour to be a conduit of pure Akasha frequencies I am uniquely able to hold the necessary space & energetic container to reveal your hidden & unconscious self-protective mechanisms. These hidden or overlooked mechanisms are;


  • Traumas
  • Wounds
  • Conditionings
  • Habits
  • Addictions
  • Sabotage


Areas of the body matrix where these inaccessible, locked or trapped patterns reveal themselves are;


  • connective tissue
  • the fascia
  • the vagus nerve
  • the etheric layer of the aura
  • the metabolism

with additional focus on the Throat/ Throat Chakra/Functionality of the

Thyroid Gland  

We have been in deep preparation for the opening of this gateway portal.

Many of you know this is my favourite Portal of the year, it has never let me down .. it truly is the doorway to transformation and ascension.


The Grid will offer all the fundamental foundations of the Advanced Teachings of the Spectrum 8th Colour Technology inviting,


  • Transmutation of the old
  • Transformation into the embodiment of the light of your soul & blueprint
  • Spectrum colour/sound/ vibration frequency Alignment
  • Activation, Evolution, Ascension, Akashic records
  • Organ tuning fork Balance
  • Crystal bowl & Tibet Bowl Balance
  • Shamanic Drumming and Rattle to support integration with your Heart to Mother Earths Heart and the Cosmic Heart
  • Light Language


You are here on earth to share & express your light into this world your way!!




These grids are facilitated remotely & recorded, I time-lock them, which means when you listen to them in the comfort of your own home they will fully activate back to the moment they were created. (and you can listen to them more than once as they just keep giving and dive you deeper every time) All Grid are multidimensional tools for the support of your ascension & the ascension of all sentient kind.

11.11.2022 Special Remote Healing Grid

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