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This is a remote event. You will receive a recording, that is time locked meaning it will keep giving and giving in new and different ways to meet your energy, each time you listen. At the time of the Grid you can get on with your day & when you listen to the recording the activations, initiations & wisdom will work their magic. By design, these Grids weave multidimensional healing, teaching & meditative states. They are ascension tools.

If this cosmic moment in time is calling you. I feel huge shifts within this vibration and this excites me for humanity.

Release the old and Become the new, I love the balance of mystical energies of Solstice. Solstice is the turning point of this pivot & powerful year. The midpoint of balance between the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.This is where MAGIC happens.

What to expect in this Grid?


                     YOU ARE THE LIGHT

Embody your light, hold your light, work your light, share your light. I will be working with the energies above & below and calling upon the seven Hathor’s.


In ancient Egypt, the Star Cluster we call the Pleiades was know as "The Celestial Heard" and were an important part of the system of timekeeping and a seasonal marker. ...Associated with both the Goddess Hathor, and “The Hathors” – the milk symbolized the stars in the milky way, and as the seven cows pour their nourishing milk, represents the seven stars streaming the light of the milky way down our galactic arm to our solar system. Milky Way as source of Life! The Pleiades energies from my decades of experience have shown me how so supportive it is in holding the light in physical realm, our human bodies. 


Releasing the aspect of self that states

🌟too tired

🌟too busy

🌟too old

⭐️too skinny

🌟too fat

🌟too hard

🌟too much Etc


I will be focusing on the Central Nervous System!

The Autonomic Nervous System is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions, such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal. This system is the primary mechanism in control of the fight-or-flight response.

 ~Parasympathetic, sympathetic

~Vagus nerve

~Kidney/Bladder meridian

~Immune System

~Skeleton System

~Balancing all elements with the physical body & energetic body with the chakras

~ Raising our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energy to a higher vibration

~The Goddess Hathor in relationship to the embodiment of the star seed wisdom into the truth pool of our Earth Star chakra.


Allowing space within your energy body to raise your vibration to invite the light in. Invite your true innate joyous abundant self emerge into your world .. dream big! 




Special Solstice Remote Healing Grid - June 2022

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