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11.11 Special Remote Healing Grid.



All grids are facilitated & designed as a healing, meditation and teaching all in one, they are multidimensional ascension tools that just keep giving.


This Grid was facilitated as a time-locked which means when you listen it will activate, taking you back to the time when it was co-created. You can listen to all my grids more than once as they will always keep giving and meet your energy exactly where you are at. If you fall asleep listening to the recording know all that you have received, is & will continue to embody & integrate. I would suggest if you do fall asleep the next time you listen you sit up & allow yourself to listen like a podcast rather than meditation so you can also consciously.


Let us release all the conditioning and behaviours keeping us trapped that no longer serve humanity.

Are you ready?

I am sure many of you have been feeling the intensity build up over the last few months. I know I certainly have! It is off the charts right now ..

As a lot of the grief lifts from the collective and transmutes, what I am seeing underneath this is openly revealing itself like a festering wound of anger, anxiety, blame, confusion and this massive heaviness filled with so much burden and addictive behaviours holding on so tight, triggering so many.

These higher frequencies of Light that are continuously flooding now planet are super powerful and are creating a huge clearing process on the planet. Both on an individual level but also collectively. Mass purge!!

The planet is experiencing a collective dark night of the Soul. It takes your most courageous and brave SELF to step up and meet this head-on with love.

Each person is feeling this in all different ways and on all different levels, in all different counterparts but it is all the same superpower to invite it all to rise…. Full exposure..

As the old world collapses it has pushed some to grip on even tighter - creating more control, restrictions, polarisation, paralyzed will, separation and self-destruction.

It's all too easy to focus on the collapse, decay & chaos, though,

But this will only make you feel more fearful, vulnerable & unstable

which then feeds the very paradigms & structures that we wish to release and let go of..

The way through this phase is to step into the new frequencies, to starve the old energies of your attention and instead focus on your higher visions of what you wish to co-create.

So in this Grid, I want to do just that shift the frequency completely and illuminate YOU!

I will be calling upon the energies and principles of Kali- The Goddess of Destruction & Creation…

Together Let US create a new world for humanity… starting with YOU!!

The Golden Circle of healing light around the earth that I have been facilitating and holding for many months now will play a huge role in the illumination process also.


This is my favourite Portal of the year, it has never let me down .. it truly is the doorway to transformation and ascension.

Enjoy, lay back and receive

Special Remote Healing Grid 11.11.2021

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