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Lets weave the golden yellow light of consciousness into our Being and bathe in the golden coins of prosperity!!! 


There has been so much light pouring down on and into our planet! This energy is changing the frequencies and vibrations within our light bodies and physical bodies themselves. It feels like an ongoing subtle detox, purge and expansion all mixed together. BUT what it really means is we are making room for more light in our bodies, releasing and freeing the density of the old. 


In this Grid I have activated a deep connection and relationship with the golden yellow light, inviting a more harmonious and peaceful relationship with yourself and your vibration outside of you. Creating a balance that flows and dances more aligned to your awakening potential and calling forth showers of abundance in your life.


The Golden yellow ray is the light of consciousness and higher wisdom. The yellow golden flame brings the impulse for binding light and love, as well as for unifying matter and spirit. This is a Ray of sensitivity and intuition.


This energy of the yellow flame infuses your life with 




All of the things we are craving in our lifetime! 



****Please note every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked allowing the activation, healing and transmission to happen as you listen.  These Grids can be listened to more than once, they just meet you at where your energy is at time and they just keep giving.****

2019 - Council of Light Mother Mary May

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