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⭐️Special Cosmic Alignment Solstice Remote Healing Grid⭐️Dec 2020


This Grid was facilitated as a time-locked which means when you listen it will activate, taking you back to the time when it was co-created. You can listen to all my grids more than once as they will always keep giving and meet your energy exactly where you are at. If you fall asleep listening to the recording know all that you have received, is & will continue to embody & integrate. I would suggest if you do fall asleep the next time you listen you sit up & allow yourself to listen like a podcast rather than meditation so you can also consciously


Let us anchor the new earth frequency into every cell of our being.

This is a birthing portal into the anchor point of the new earth template where a huge infusion of light and higher frequencies will be streamed through.


Work with the powerful energy of the 5D ascension violet flame.


Activate & anchor at a deeper level the Christ consciousness Grid onto the planet and into every cell of your being.


Connect to the energy of Saint Germain the keeper of the violet flame for transmuting negativity, clearing power plays & attachments


Experience Light Language & anchoring of codes into your Lightbody and weave the magic of the Divine Merlin into your unique web of creation


........step through the portal with me.......


Anchor the New Earth Template into ever cell of your Being

$85.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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