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If you missed out on this incredible Grid, you are in for a treat! 


This 11:11 Grid is about Transceding Love in it's Highest Form!

The Great Mother calls for you to invite her to hold you now, take a moment today to be conscious in the light of the open portal and truly ask yourself what is it that I can transcend to the light.  

Breathe into your body.. 

Let your body find that part of you that you wish to release and transcend to light. 
Know that if your focus and intuitive self has take you there you have be guided to acknowledge this. 

Breathe deeper, breathe into that part of your body and breathe some more bring chi to that part of you, invite the Light of the portal so bright so pure to transcend this part of with remedy and resolution with your body. 
Give yourself permission to transcend it...
Invite the light from above to illuminate and guide it through your body and the breathe to work the magic. 

Continue to breathe, slowly, deeply and consistently find that place in your body where you hold that part of you that needs letting go, honour it, release it to the light and transcend to it highest potential.  

Breathe some more and celebrate your amazing vessel, your beautiful body for all that it holds and does for you every single day in every single moment with every single breathe..

Say out loud & tell your body.. 

“I choose to treat my body with love, respect and kindness everyday in so many loving ways” 

Bathe in the light of the illuminating 11.11 Portal.  

Enjoy !!! Happy Graceful 11.11 ..



****Please note every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked allowing the activation, healing and transmission to happen as you listen.  These Grids can be listened to more than once, they just meet you at where your energy is at time and they just keep giving.****

2019 - Special 11:11 Remote Healing Grid

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