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At the 11th hour, I was called to offer a discounted Grid and offer a full healing with this space.

"Special Equinox Remote Healing Grid"- Sept 2021


All grids are facilitated & designed as a healing, meditation and teaching all in one, they are multidimensional ascension tools that just keep giving.


This Grid was facilitated as a time-lock which means when you listen it will activate, taking you back to the time when it was co-created. You can listen to all my grids more than once as they will always keep giving and meet your energy exactly where you are at. If you fall asleep listening to the recording know all that you have received, is & will continue to embody & integrate. I would suggest if you do fall asleep the next time you listen you sit up & allow yourself to listen like a podcast rather than meditation so you can also consciously receive the teachings. 



With so much uncertainty, confusion, pressure, fear of the future and the unknown direction of our World, I wanted to offer a complete back to basic Healing grid, Equinox is all about balance and from what I am seeing in my healing practice many of my brothers and sister's fundamental foundations are very unsure and wobbly.

I would like to offer a full healing in this Grid to each person who has the calling to participate. My intention is the strengthen the bridge between the physical and spiritual bodies in turn inviting the emotional and mental bodies to stabilise coming into their own sense of balance for each person.

I am going to co-create it like you are laying on the table inside the Spectrum Portal at Manly.


The Grid will offer all the fundamental Basics of energetic & physical wellbeing, something that is so needed to ground and anchor into our hearts...

I will facilitate with my Spectrum wisdom. and technology.


Chakra Balance

Auric Balance

Chakra/Endocrine system Balance

Spectrum colour/sound/ vibration frequency Balance

Organ tuning fork Balance

Crystal bowl & Tibet Bowl Balance

Shamanic Drumming and Rattle to support integration with your Heart to Mother Earths Heart and the Cosmic Heart


Enjoy lay back and receive.

Special Remote Healing Grid - Equinox 22.9.2021

$85.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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