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Equinox, New moon in Aries -Astro new year AWAKENING 

Unity Consciousness of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Tara & Shiva.


Let’s do this….


The energies are big, and powerful encouraging and recalibrating a huge leap forward for humanity into the simplicity & empowerment of love, my focus for this year is filling mine, yours and humanity’s chalice with higher frequencies, keys, codes, vibrations, symbols & light language that will support the individualization of the human self into the Oneness of the collective I am presence, embracing unity & evolution.


Inviting the light and shadow self to dance in peace & harmony within unity Consciousness, whilst offering a gentle multidimensional journey of no separation, no bypassing and no avoidance.


As an experienced initiator into the higher realms of multidimensionalism I wish to open doorways of initiation, activations, and transmissions that serve your awakening & embodiment process as we ALL walk the path of the New Golden Age of Aquarius, welcoming abundance & joy, empowerment & enlightenment that we are all worthy of.


Let me weave my mystery school teachings into every cell of your awakening consciousness so you to can Re-member and embody your truth in alignment with your soul signature Frequency; your uniqueness, your genius, your God self, your Christed/Buddha self coming to form.


Are you willing ??

Read on !!


So let’s go back to go forward for a moment, most of 2022 I have been working with re-membering as I dive deep into some diverse teachings; Book of Revelation, Pistis Sophia, The Sophia Codes, The Tibetan & Buddhist & Hindu Teachings, Course of Miracles and The 33Codes of the New Earth, Awakening Shakti, 40 days of Divine Magnetism and a few others. It has been a delightful & challenging journey of remembering and learning.


I believe to live a great life is to always embody the practice of being the eternal student of the cosmos & I love it 🥰


So for these Equinox energies I am going to mix it all up and then bring it all together.

I feel what needs to be brought to our awareness is the weaving & awakening of the relationship of Shiva as powerful divine masculine being and the 21 aspects/embodiments of Tara with primary focus of the principles & properties awakening within you of White Tara, Green Tara, Tara of the Perfection of Wisdom and Compassion & Golden Tara as supreme divine feminine Buddha beings.


I am sure you are all heard of or are aware of Tara and Shiva in some form, let me offer a little refresh.


Destroyer of Darkness - Shiva is also known as the Destroyer or Transformer. The deeper symbolism is that we can overcome our inner demons and embrace the shadow within through self-awareness, self-awakening and self-control. By working on ourselves, we can transform the darkness into light both within and around us. He is linked with time itself, as a destroyer of all things, as well as associated with creation. Destruction and creation are inextricably linked—one cannot exist without the other—making Shiva particularly important & bringing new awakening forms of creation alive within the divine masculine. He will be the full representative of the divine masculine within this Grid.


The female Buddhist deity Tara is an object of devotional worship and meditative practice for Tibetan Buddhists everywhere, both male and female. She clears away fears, overpowers negative emotions, and enables all beings to reach enlightenment. She has special resonance as a source of female spirituality the myriad aspects of Tara work to transform the mind into those enlightened qualities and mind states that Tara represents.



I am going to facilitate something completely different, I am going to be true to my name Spectrum and bring the spectrum of everything & combine all the teachings into this Grid, the Spectrum of what is needed at this time & what my heart is called to facilitate.


I am going to create a Native American Shamanic medicine wheel/ Wheel of Life placing Shiva in the centre ( the void space) to support the birthing of the whole & complete masculine, opening the doorway to a deeper embodiment of the divine masculine within us all, whilst at the same time held in all four directions by the Tara and her 21 aspects of embodiment.

The directions of the medicine wheel will also be held by the elemental devas.


I have never facilitied a Grid in this combination before, and it would be an understatement to say I wasn’t a beyond excited to play in this experimental energy within this Equinox, new moon, and heading into solar eclipse power in April.


By the time this is over, you'll be in a completely different place, that is assured. As the combination of this masculine & feminine unity is so transformational.


“While Tara varies in the details of her appearance and her activity, all the Taras have in common the energy, compassion, and wisdom to free sentient beings beyond numbers from their suffering.”


Welcoming the Golden keys to heaven on earth as we awakening more deeply the principles, powers & priorities of Shiva & Tara;


✨Authentic peace

✨Awakens joy &

eternal bliss

✨Golden life of prosperity, wisdom & receptive

✨highest potential

✨Commitment to self & self love.

✨Transcend unhealthy attachments

✨Source of All Powerful Attainments

✨Perfection of Wisdom and Compassion

✨transcending viral dis-ease unhealthy belief system ✨combating fear

✨protecting from fear


✨Prolonging a healthy life

✨purification of all obscurations &negativities.

✨Transcends adversaries.

✨Giver of extreme spiritual powers

✨Dispels suffering

✨Creators of new worlds, new ways, freedom


If your heart is being called to the next level of you, this is the Grid for you. My goodness, we are so supported with these energies to make these changes NOW ..✨


These grids are facilitated remotely & you will receive a full recording on completion so you can listen again and again.

Equinox/ New Moon AWAKENING Remote Grid March 2023

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