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Are you ready to invite your most Wild, Loving, Liberating, Free Self to be more present in your life?

Weaving & Embodying the joy of Gratitude, Passion, Curiosity, Desire, Excitement and Inspiration into the 7 Human Love Languages and aligning, activating and anchoring them all into the 7 primary chakras.

In this Grid I worked the 5 love languages from the book written by Gary Chapman and two others that I have added to make it more complete from my lens and teachings.

Don’t we all deserve a little more fiery passion in our life’s. Let’s dissolve our sexual sensual limitations.



****Please note every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked allowing the activation, healing and transmission to happen as you listen.  These Grids can be listened to more than once, they just meet you at where your energy is at time and they just keep giving.****

2019 - Awaken the Wild Liberated Free Self

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