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“Unity In All Loving Relationships Grid -Dec 2019” Bringing all body parts & organs into Unity Consciousness and releasing trapped emotions.


If your body is trying to talk to you & you don’t understand what it is trying to say... this Grid is for you. The sub-theme of this grid:

  • Interactive grid - empowering trust
  • Supporting the body and all her major organs and systems to hold more light via the balance of yin/yang in alignment with your soul signature frequency
  • Unity consciousness
  • Closure of the old - releasing shadow emotions from your organs
  • Preventing disease
  • A sense of completion
  • Embodiment of the Pink Ray of Love - Divine Mother Love


As all Grids are timelocked, they just keep giving and meet your energy exactly where you are at. If your heart is calling you to this Grid all past grids are available for purchase as they will take you back to that moment of when they were facilitated in the exact energy.

2019 - Unity In All Relationships

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