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Do you want more energy and flow in your life ????  

Time to release your Stubbornness and be move receptive to life and love!


Dissolving denial, stubbornness and resistance stuck in the cells, the Mitochondria and the DNA slowing down and affecting the functionality, energy and flow of the body and mind.   


Over the years my experience has shown me that mental based stubbornness and denial are silent killers, they effect the functionality of the MITICHONDRIA, turning the operation of this incredible battery in our cells from energizing mode to defending mode and putting us in a state of permanent fight/flight/freeze preventing us from being able to receive from this magical earth and the people around us.


Scientists have now proven this dual function of the mitochondria. It was once believed that it was only the energizing aspect of the cell. Now they also understand that Mitochondria has a defense function similar to the immune system. These functions cant happen at the same time and I truly believe this is the root of so much exhaustion in our world which leads to apathy and lethargy. People turn to stimulants to provide them with false energy, deny and/or block out the truth of this, just to survive in this busy busy money based world and the next step can often be dis-ease. 


I have taken my experience and knowledge aligning it with the recent findings of the scientists, to free your cells allowing them to be a energizer rather than a defender, which blocks your receptivity and self healing juju.    



****Please note every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked allowing the activation, healing and transmission to happen as you listen.  These Grids can be listened to more than once, they just meet you at where your energy is at time and they just keep giving.****

2019 - Releasing your most Stubborn Self

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