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Special Solstice Remote Healing Grid 21/12/21

Awakening more of your True self

CELEBRATING YOU - Time to shine 


This Grid was facilitated as a time-locked which means when you listen it will activate, taking you back to the time when it was co-created. You can listen to all my grids more than once as they will always keep giving and meet your energy exactly where you are at. If you fall asleep listening to the recording know all that you have received, is & will continue to embody & integrate. I would suggest if you do fall asleep the next time you listen you sit up & allow yourself to listen like a podcast rather than meditation so you can also consciously


Let us be the light of the New Earth Template!

This is a time to remember to be fully in the present moment, soaking up the richness of the here and the now. Inspiring the passion within to shine.

I am feeling like I am observing a cosmic dance between rules and authority versus sovereignty and freedom, so in turn, I was guided to base the theme of this Solstice Remote Healing Grid on - I AM MY SOVEREIGNTY - claiming my sense of Freedom within my"s all about the Heart Space. and being in your heart.

Let your heart lead.....


A few things we will be diving into...

  • Weaving the 8th Colour Spectrum Technology into every cell of your being
  • An embodiment of the new earth template- Love
  • Upgrade the DNA/ RNA to hold the light as an initiation into the Spectrum Frequency of Universal Unconditional Love
  • Cleanse of the Lightbody and Etheric Body.
  • Align with you True Divinity
  • Balance your Polarity to your unique Soul Signature Frequency
  • Calm the Nervous System, cleanse of the Vagus Nerve
  • Drop you in to your HEART, hold your light
  • Ground, ground, ground you into the elements and allow Mother Earth to truly hold you.


 Let's shine your light into your world and manifest all you need, want and desire. If your heart calls I invite you to join me remotely.


Enjoy, lay back and receive 


Special Solstice Remote Healing Grid - Dec 2021

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