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✨✨Solstice Magic Special ✨✨✨

✨✨✨✨Remote Grid 22/12✨✨✨✨


Let us awaken our Shakti - our creative life force

Who are you as your most creative PASSIONATE embodied self?



LET US CELEBRATE & HONOUR THE GODDESS, the Divine Feminine fully embodied in us all.

Let us step into the holiday season & close out 2022 feeling energised, nourished, nurtured, passionate and alive. It's all about the yin/ yang, the balance, the alignment, and the nourishment of feeling fabulous, tapping into your FIRE, your sexuality, your sensuality, your desire, your pleasure, your authenticity


YOUR TRUE NATURE- wild, liberated & free.

Your Body is here to land Heaven on Earth…..let the Goddess rise, weave & dance….again

Remember where you can from & why you are here now.


I will be creating a Sacred Medicine Wheel working with;

* The 7 directions- north, south, east, west, above, below, & within

* The Four elements - earth, water, fire &air

* Akasha & the Akashic Records of humanity

* The Shakti of the Goddesses - Parvati, Ishtar, White Tara, Isis & Kali

* The Golden Ray of Abundance

* and so much more…….

I will bring my whole toolbox of magical healing & transformational tools to this Special Solstice Grid, transformation is upon us.

2023 .....I feel you....

If you heart calls … listen

Enjoy !!

Solstice Magic Remote Healing Grid Dec 2022

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