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A 5th Dimensional Journey

I love Lion's Gate Portal & everything Ancient Egyptian.

 A journey of Sacred Marriage of Unity.


The energy building and weaving within the collective field of us all. It brings in some very powerful pure, high vibrational codes astrologically as well as some potent manifestation codes numerologically. As these high crystalline frequencies filter into the grid they alter the very fabric of the Universe. Sirian frequencies essentially create massive steps in evolutionary consciousness.

These are the frequencies that are always behind quantum leaps in humanity collectively and individually. They create deep states of purification, third eye awakenings & heart expansion ultimately in support of birthing your divinity.

This year so far has been intense and life-changing which is why I believe this Lionsgate portal will be stratospheric in terms of its impact globally in support of the current shift in power dynamics for the birthing of New Earth. In facilitating this Grid my intention is the hold a pure space for you to receive the shifts, healing and upgrades that align with your highest good, working within a Healing Grid that will accelerate and support your ascension on these powerful dates of the year.

It's an annual event celebrated by the ancient Egyptians as it opens up a direct influx of Sirian frequencies linked to Isis and Osiris and a gift as we birth the divine 5th-dimensional unity consciousness. In this Grid, we are going to journey energetically to the Great Pyramid of Gaza and I will facilitate this Grid inside the King Chamber. I have physically been inside this chamber and have become very familiar

with the power of this energy and I am aware it will greatly support the Lions Gate Portal as the 5th dimensional Gate is located above the Great Pyramid.


I will be guided by your higher self and let your I AM Presence lead as I work with the principles and properties of Isis and Osiris.

  • Inviting you to awaken all dormant and lost soul fragments & Divinity Codes that are now ready to be accessed for this new vibration as a 5th Dimensional being living on Earth.
  • Calling forth the soul's intelligence to Re-member through the wisdom and teachings of Osiris.
  • Isis represents evolution. The magic of Isis that weaves through our DNA when we embark on the choice to grow, change and transform through the alchemical shamanic process of death, renewal and rebirth. It is the voice of Isis that we hear in all of nature, in every tree, in every flower, in every animal and in every human. It is the responsibility of Isis - as the one who remembers how to die and be re-born- to rebuild the new human that each of us is becoming. Let Isis awaken with you as we step forward into the fullness of the ever-present co-creative moment of the NOW.
  • In this Grid, I am calling forth a deep activation of YOUR self-confidence, motivation and passion to become who you know you are. The world is changing so rapidly and things are being revealed to us daily we need to know the collective outer world does not have to reflect your inner world. The initiation of your truth and confidence to raise your vibration to continue to manifest an abundant, prosperous amazing life amongst the chaos and deep purification of humanity's old ways of being.


All Grids are time locked meaning they will keep giving and giving in new and different ways to meet your energy, each time you listen. The technology will take you back to when the grid was created offering all the shifts and upgrades your energy desires. When you listen to the recording now or in the future the activations, initiations & wisdom will work its magic. By design, these Grids weave multidimensional healing, teaching & meditative states. These Grids are ascension tools for this modern time.

5D Lion's Gate Portal Remote healing Grid 8/8/2022

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