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Spectrum Healing

Spectrum Healing is located in Manly, NSW. A boutique healing, mentoring and teaching practice focused on awakening deeper levels of heart felt consciousness and awareness in clients' and students' everyday lives.


Transformation so you can reach your highest potential

Open to your inner vision, empower your intuitive self

Express your most creative & inspired you

Raise the vibrational frequency of your heart wisdom

Clear negative thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours

Release emotional trauma & old woundings

Ground & Anchor into your body to Thrive

Spectrum Healing is the Rainbow Bridge Between Pain & Peace

- Donna McCormick, 17 years Master Healer

Personal Sessions

Journey of Mastery Mentorship

Special Remote Healing Grids - Ascension Tools 

Kind Testimonies

Katrina, The Lightworker

Yes even Lightworker's require alignment, healing and expansion. Donna McCormick is a teacher of teachers, and I am in deepest gratitude for the sacred experience shared and facilitated through the divine Spectrum Healing sessions. Assisting a soul sister to accelerate further into the depths of the new, through the highest frequencies of light, love, integrity & truth!
She is truly gifted.


Donna has the wisdom, patience, and ear to interpret what appears to us to be conflicted and confused messages. She listens, hears and directs us to a calmer place of peace and understanding. Excellent.


Connecting the dots, Donna has a profound gift which is able to see and unravel layers upon layers of the human soul! She has a healing touch and is incredible, very special. I highly recommend seeing her for any and every alignment! 

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