“Spectrum Healing is the bridge between pain and peace"

Spectrum Healing is located in Manly, NSW. We are a boutique healing, mentoring & teaching practice focused on awakening deeper levels of heart felt experience in our clients everyday life.  
  • Heal your body, health & relationships 
  • Empowerment so you can make the necessary changes
  • Transformation so you reach your highest potential and purpose

What our clients say....

"Donna is amazing, soft, tough, loving, light, clear and honest. I love seeing her to receive help on my journey. Every time I leave I feel better, more authentic, more like myself. She can help clear really big blocks and also help put things into place and perspective. I'm very grateful to have met her and to receive healing from her. I can highly recommend working with Donna for healing, guidance and general wellbeing. No matter where you are at, Donna is able to help."
Sara A
"Donna and her gifted connection to spirit not only guided and strengthened my husband's spirituality and overall well-being through the journey of terminal diagnoses and his premature demise but to me as a grieving widow now facing a new life with my son. Through her, I am experiencing the connect to spirit and directly with my husband and learning to recreate our relationship through the spiritual realm. How blessed are we to have Donna guiding us through this journey? VERY!! Each session has seen layers of anger and grief drop from my being and I am able to look at the future in a more positive light with spirit by my side. Thank you, angel woman"
"I can't thank you enough Donna for helping me move from feeling broken to empowered and ready to tackle life properly at last"
Todd R

"For sure going back to see Donna who is a beautiful Angel and manifests her belief of peace and harmony in a very strong way. Thank you Donna"


Personal Sessions

Spectrum Healing sessions assist you in raising your vibration and consciousness so what no longer serves is purified, released and let go. Focused on uncovering old habit patterns, beliefs, values or cycles of detriment that contribute to unexplained physical, mental and emotional trauma. 

Each and every session is underpinned by the Spectrum Healing Grid an energetic technology of sound and light colour frequencies

This proprietary technology was birthed by Spectrum Healing founder Donna McCormick and has been refined over 10 years and 22,000 healing & mentoring sessions. 
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Remote Healing Grids

Remote Healing Grids are group distant healing sessions performed by Spectrum Healing founder Donna McCormick. These sessions are available 3 x per month to all students and clients. 

It's truly the simplest and easiest way to receive the same benefits as a one on one session with Donna. 

You can enjoy the trans-formative power of each grid, anywhere and anytime, as each grid is time locked so will activate upon listening. An audio recording is provided on the same day and can be re-listened to whenever your energy needs a top up. 
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Online Courses

Donna McCormick Spectrum Healing founder teaches all available courses and her focus is on empowering her students to achieve self-mastery and mastery of the unseen. The objective with each course is assisting students to awaken to their true potential and expand their knowingness and consciousness. Offering freedom and ease of living in every day life. 

These courses go way beyond your typical knowledge transfer as they involve homework, self healing as well as core healing by Donna to raise your vibration in alignment with the information shared. 

One of the key ares that Donna has mastered is the dance between the masculine and feminine energies. In each course she assists individuals to understand, balance and work with the polarity of this energy within and also its application to the most challenging of interpersonal relationships. 
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We heal, teach and observe with love, respect and kindness. To begin your journey, 
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