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If you haven’t had an ENERGETIC HEALING, CLEARING, BALANCE or TUNE UP lately this is designed for you. This Grid is a very ZENFUL Grid as I deeply target the balancing the Central Nervous System.

A Full Spectrum Healing working with the Rainbow Light

In meditation, I was shown the importance of supporting humanity at this time. I haven’t facilitated a Healing Grid for a little while as my focus has been elsewhere.

Yet I have been called & I am listening. I was guided to offer this Healing Grid at a discounted price. To support as many people as I could.

Over the last few months, the depth of fear that has presented itself in my client's sessions has been alarming. With so much happening in the outer world revealing some of the darker shadows of humanity is really concerning & overwhelming many people from all walks of life. This fear is rising on a personal & collective level to be transmuted into LIGHT as many of us are aware, yet that isn’t always that simple especially as it seems to just keep coming at us.

Of late I have witnessed the struggles, breakups, breakdowns, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, OCD, and addictions, I am offer this Remote Healing Grid to support the energetic release of the FEAR that underlines so many of these conditions, perhaps trapped in the cellular body, the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

I will be offering a full Spectrum Healing to all those who join, clearing & harmonizing and inviting balance to all systems as guided in alignment with your unique soul signature frequency via the wisdom of your I AM Presence.

It will feel like a personal healing just for YOU!

As you imagine laying on the Healing bed in the Spectrum Portal I will be attending to ….

  • The 12 Chakra system
  • The 4 plains of the Aura
  • Endocrine System & it’s relationship to your chakra system
  • Dreamweave
  • Etheric Body
  • Gut cleanse
  • Left/ Right Brain alignment (the organ of your personality)
  • Feminine/Masculine polarities
  • Both Mother & Father's biological lines
  • Soul line

In releasing the fear that no longer serves your greater good & you living your best life my intention is to calm your nervous system, dropping you out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn, strengthen your immune system inviting the intelligence of I AM Presence to illuminate your path forward to take the best next step in the light of your life.

I look forward to being of service to you all.

If your heart calls to book and join me on this GRID,

Click the link below.

Please note this is a REMOTE event. I will be recording & emailing you the full journey so you can listen at your leisure.. being aware it will keep on giving each time you listen.


One heart

One love

I am that I am

In full support & service to the evolution of Mother Earth, Humanity & Elemental Kingdom.

Love, Respect & Kindness


Focus onthe Light -Transcending Fear Healing Grid

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