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This is a super powerful grid and I would love you to join me... Over the years l have become to love the Lions Gate 8/8 Portal as much as the 11.11 Portal,  and this year, August is an 11 month.... so extra energy juju...  shifts are happening almost every hour ... one minute you are as high as a kite and next minute you are rebelling against everything and everybody, right?

The Lions Gates Portal is a Stargate that opened 26th July and closes 12th August where the Sun and Sirius shine as brightly as each other in the sky with a powerful connection to the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza. This is the most amazing time to bridge the gap between the spiritual self and physical self, the lower I am and the higher I am and the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. It is a time when the veil is so thin and be have an opportunity to transcend heavy dense aspects of our lower I am, making available to us so much more light .. rainbow light.

This is so exciting as this all about re-connection through the rainbow bridge of light using the Spectrum 8th color technology. I have played deeply in the Lions Gate energies for decades and I believe, like others this felt extra special, powerful beyond powerful.

- Do you need more more sovereignty or empowerment? 

- Are you feeling stuck in old stagnant energy? 

- Do you need guidance to learn to trust and love yourself?

- Are you still dreaming your dreams or are you actioning and living your dreams?

- Do you need more clarity around certain issues in your life?


This grid is for people wanting huge growth, clarity, rapid learnings, removing yourself from drama and chaos and letting the last of it go and inviting in the powerful gifts of manifestation. Trust and act upon your intuition. Pay attention to your dreams.

This Lions Gate speaks to your true authentic self more than ever are being called to see and hear yourself first... We are truly ready ...the time is now and the power is YOU!!

If your heart is calling you towards this Lions Gate Grid, p]lease join me on this Grid for a huge activation, Healing and transmission.


Happy Lions Gate!



****Please note every Grid is carried out remotely & time locked allowing the activation, healing and transmission to happen as you listen.  These Grids can be listened to more than once, they just meet you at where your energy is at time and they just keep giving.****

2019 - Special Lions Gate Portal

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