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Living a Life Full of Love


7 Week Program

Deepening your connection to your heart 



Program Overview

This program is a recipe for falling deeply and passionately in love with yourself. Creating a life full of love requires 7 essential ingredients to love yourself. When you feel great about who you are, you radiate an undeniable magnetic energy, that attracts all the things you desire. 


If you choose to say YES to being kind, generous, and respectful toward yourself, you feel worthy and deserving of claiming the gifts of this world.

Whatever you're looking for whether it's more love, more success, more self-confidence, more intimacy, more money, new relationships, this program will help you achieve it. When you make the commitment to love yourself first, the entire world will open up to you creating incredible opportunity.

  • 7 week program -  1 module per week

  • Weekly Homework

  • 7 Meditations

  • 30 minute 1:1 Session per week of Soul Healing & Mentoring with Donna​​

Over 7 weeks Donna will lead you through the steps of total transformation, deepening and awakening the purity of love that is within. You will gain new understandings, tips & techniques to be the most loving version of YOU, receptive and fully open to invite all that you desire 


  • Understand the heart chakra connection and its relation to all other chakras 

  • To LIVE and LOVE from the heart 

  • Deepening your relationship with the essence of SELF

  • Understanding and embodying the 7 PRINCIPLE INGREDIENTS to living a life FULL of Love

  • Breathe and speak from the heart "mind"

  • Owning your passion and loving from your divine self

  • Be the Queen or King of your own heart




  • Flexible payment plans

  • upfront via credit card or EFT

  • installments via EFT

Kind words from Clients..

- Mel H, Student

I am proud of me & I am so grateful for you & this journey we are on together! I really am feeling & seeing the change and the transformation. I really am feeling love for myself & it feels awesome. Never thought I could feel like this. I have now experienced what life feels like when your internal world changes & it is mirrored on the outside (especially from other people). I feel the ugly duckling I always saw in the mirror has now embraced the inner beauty of the swan. Thank you for helping me find my gift. The synchronicities are exploding in my world on all levels right now! This has been truly a life changing experience for me to see & feel such internal and external changes as my life transforms around me (so quickly ) I never thought possible. Donna I will always cherish our time together as you have taught me how to BE more playful, accepting and able to laugh at myself. 
You have restored my faith and belief in myself and mostly embracing living here on Earth and being in my Body!
You are an absolute earth angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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