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Living a Charged Conscious Life


7 Week Program

Manifest the Power of your Solar Plexus


Program Overview

Are you ready to say goodbye to a “caged” life and step into the fullness of your potential? 

Ready to anchor meaningful RESULTS in your everyday life? 

Are you seeking greater fulfillment and freedom from the mundane? 

Do you yearn to WAKE UP feeling ENERGISED and ALIVE each day?

 Is a charged conscious life of joy and manifestation calling you ?


If you answered yes to any of the above or are just ready to embark on an accelerated journey of transformation this is for you. 

  • 7 weekly modules 

  • Weekly homework

  • 7 meditations (Chakra’s & Elements)

  • 30 mins per week of soul healing & mentoring 


Over 7 weeks Donna will lead you through the steps of total transformation, to be more of your true authentic self. You will gain new understandings, tips & techniques to be the absolute best version of YOU , ready and willing to show-up in your world.


  • Understand the solar plexus connection and its relation to all other chakra's and the inner power it has.

  • Understand and embody the 7 principles of living a Charged Conscious Life

  • Deep purification of old patterning, habits & beliefs

  • Feel more self worth, self value & self esteem 

  • Inspiration and courage to make necessary changes

  • How to move forward in your life with grace & ease  

  • Purification in the seen & unseen worlds  

  • Finish & complete tasks at hand

  • Learning to honour and celebrate SELF

  • Learn to harness and leverage the gifts of your personality 

  • Deepening your meditation skills

  • Increased Creativity & Ingenuity 

  • Awakening your passion for life & reclaiming your mojo  

  • Trusting your choices and knowing when to take action




  • Flexible payment plans

  • upfront via credit card or EFT

  • installments via EFT

Kind words from Clients..

- L Forrest, Student

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna McCormick and Spectrum healing for a few years now. Throughout 2016 I completed both the "Living a Charged Conscious Life" course and shortly after the "Living a Life Full of Love" course with Donna.
To say that these courses have completely transformed my life really does not do them justice. I have been working relentlessly on myself for something close to twenty years. I have spent at least 6 figures on numerous courses and "healers". I have done Reiki, all manner of coaching and "motivational" seminars and everything in between looking for the guidance & results that only Donna has been able to provide.All of the time, money and work combined in the past twenty years does not come close to the level of transformation, positive change and liberation I have experienced as a result of the two courses completed with Donna. 
I now no longer recommend ANY other person or company, or ANY other courses but Donna's. Skip the rest - go straight to the best. There is simply no one better equipped to take you to the next level in your journey.

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