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Proud Collaboration with

The Sydney Psychic

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Spectrum Healing is proud to announce a new collaboration with The Sydney Psychic! 


Donna would like to introduce Flynn Vamos to the Spectrum Family. She started her journey a with Donna as client  in 2009 completing several of Spectrum Healing's courses including; Spectrum Healing Esoteric Yoga, Connect to your Inner Spiritual Warrior & more recently Journey of Mastery Mentorship program Level 1 & 2.

Flynn is a gifted intuitive reader that has been practicing over Sydney for many years. From an early age, Flynn experienced many signs from spirit that she was being called to be of service. Flynn brings a modern approach to ‘old/ancient/sacred’ practices through the art of Tarot and Turkish coffee readings. Her readings are delivered with gentleness and kindness. They are given from her heart space to support you in self-care, encouraging a deeper awareness of oneself and guiding you back on your path.



Kind words from Donna McCormick

I have had the pleasure of having several readings with Flynn, I absolutely love how she weaves the tarot and Turkish cup reading into one. It is such a beautiful fun way of exploring different avenues of tapping into your consciousness to share the most relevant guidance. It will blow your mind what she finds inside your cup.

Flynn is a very accurate connected being, full of joy, inspiration and passion. Her loving guidance and the gift of being able to reflect things back to you in your life so you can see more clearly and receive the clarity allows the light to return to your life and supports your path of action.

As a collaborative partner of Spectrum Healing it is evident I highly recommend her integrity,  her gifts and I am very willing to allow the Spectrum Portal to support all her readings. Also as her Mentor I can acknowledge the self work, development and commitment she has shown to open fully to her gifts and of being of service to Humanity.


Her sessions will be available on Monday's and some Saturday's @ the Spectrum Space in Manly. 

To book and for more information regarding her services please go to her website:

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