Spiritual Energy Healing & Mentoring Sessions

Each healing & mentoring session uses the Spectrum Grid a proprietary system of 8th colour sound & light frequencies
Sessions are highly personalised and will employ some or all of the below techniques & methods

Chakra & Auric System Clearing

Chakra & Auric System Clearing

  • Clear energetic blocks and resistance
  • Clear residual energies and imprints
  • Gain greater mental clarity
  • Increase your physical energy
  • Connect deeper to your spiritual gifts
  • Stabilise your feelings, thoughts & emotions

Hands of a couple

Soul Mentoring, Guidance & Clairvoyant Readings

  • Awakening and anchoring you in your highest potential and purpose 
  • Gain greater clarity and connection with your soul’s blueprint
  • Deeper understanding of the Cosmic Puzzle and it’s relation to your Soul’s Journey 
  • Support and guidance to let go of “your story” which is keeping you stuck in the past and unable to move forward
  • Shamanic Medicine Wheel philosophy and understandings of the cyclical nature of life

DNA, Frequency & Sound Therapy

DNA, Frequency & Sound Therapy

  • Clearing distortions and genetic Dis-Ease 
  • Activating and accessing deeper levels of DNA therefore expanding awareness
  • Bone seed DNA healing in the biological & soul lineages (past/parallel lives)

Karmic contract resolution, soul retrieval & entity detachment

Karmic Contract Resolution, Soul Retrieval & Entity Release

  • Remedy and resolve of karma at an energetic and cellular level 
  • Access more of your multi dimensional self 
  • Detachment of thought constructs, imprints & entities 
  • Connect to deeper understandings of universal LORE

Relationship Counselling & Healing

Relationship Counselling & Healing

  • Bring your relationship back into unity, peace & harmony 
  • Understand your light and shadow aspects and how this effects the role you play in your relationships
  • Gain a deeper understanding and HEAL the discord of any polarised habits or beliefs
  • Receive insights into the relationship of Yin/Yang and its correlation to thriving relationships 
  • Feel supported to break down the walls and protective mechanisms of the inner child - which has been showing up as relationship issues

Self help tools, techniques & practices

Self Help Tools, Techniques & Practices

  • Access more self help tools & techniques 
  • Homework and exercises to amplify healing sessions & anchor changes
  • Post session support through recommended crystals, colours, sounds, oils & essences
  • Facebook posts,  vidoes, audios and newsletters available regularly
  • Raise your consciousness
  • Purify at the deepest levels 

    Ever asked yourself the following questions? If so we can help you find the answers....

    • Why do I live on an emotional roller-coaster?
    • Why do react and behave dis functionally? 
    • Why can't I maintain my ideal weight? 
    • Why am I so angry? 
    • Why do I resent myself or others so much? 
    • Why am I so tired and exhausted? 
    • Why do I struggle in my inter personal relationships? 
    • Will I attract my true soul mate?
    • Will this depression ever end? 
    • What is keeping me stuck and unable to move forward
    • Why am I attracting all these "awful" situations and circumstances? 
    • Why am I so unlucky? 
    • Why am I fearful of change? 
    • What is blocking my highest potential? 
    • What is ascension and am I ready? 
    • Do I sabotage my health, happiness or bliss? 
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