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Advanced Spectrum Healers in Manly

Master Healer

Practice founder & principal, Donna McCormick, is a Master Spectrum Healer and Teacher, an awakened conscious being, working directly with client’s spirit, divine mind, soul, body, heart & energetic system. She is an 8th colour multi-dimensional spiritual healer & modern day Medicine Woman.

Donna has had the honour & privilege of facilitating over 22,000 Healing & Mentoring sessions over the last 10 years.

Her passion is supporting & helping her clients & students transform their lives. She is deeply connected to Mother Earth and is dedicated to the conservation of our earth as a World Matrix Healer. Like Mother Earth she holds the most sacred space for her clients and those who meet her for the first time will feel the warmth of her love & humbleness of being.  

Her special gift is working with the 8th colour ray, light and sound frequencies, to target the root cause of trauma, disease & dysfunctional patterning. Donna has a rare talent where the sound and color frequency communicates with her, from within your cosmic puzzle, so transformation can begin.

Donna McCormick

Donna McCormick 

Teacher of the Teachers

At the higher levels of her mentoring programs Donna focuses on empowerment to enlightenment, purification in the seen and unseen, to raise ones vibration and anchor greater levels of the I AM presence and unity consciousness. 

She is most passionate about DNA & the endocrine system and it's correlation to the development & growth of a souls journey. In her role as a World Matrix Healer she is dedicated and committed to raising the consciousness of all sentient kind whilst reclaiming our sovereignty as natural beings born of the Earth Mother. 

You will often hear Donna say her greatest teachers are her clients and students. She believes "hands on" will gain you the deepest wisdom.

Donna has mentored, guided and helped support many soul’s transition into their own healing & mentoring practices. Thus she is often referred as the Teacher of the Teachers. 

"Donna has had the honour & privilege of facilitating over 22,000 Healing & Mentoring sessions"

Meet our team...
Jackie Argo

Jackie Argo 

Jackie Argo is a Spectrum Healer. Jackie has been attuned to the Spectrum vibration through a beautiful initiation ritual & ceremony preformed by Donna as she graduated into her role as a Spectrum healer. 

Jackie is a warm joyful soul, with a lightness about her that will soften and open anyone heart

She has completed many energy related courses over the past 9 years and continues to build her knowledge. She is a full member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).


Jackie was a successful Finance Director specialising in the Advertising and Media sector. After working in a busy and very stressful corporate role she turned to energy healing and has been seeing Donna McCormick (Founder of Spectrum Healing and Mentoring in Manly) for the past 9 years. During that time Jackie progressed from a client to a student and began to realise her gift as a healer, which Donna had seen from the outset.

Jackie found alternative medicine to be the best treatment of her ailments & issues & realised she could enjoy her best life everyday. She is grateful for all to the energy healing work and mentoring she received from Donna. 

With a passion to support others, just like Donna supported her, she found her calling to be of service in becoming an energy healer.

Jackie is finally living her dream life. With so much  excitement  and joy  she fulfills her role as a Spectrum Energy Healer. She is a gifted Clairaudient (Hear), Clairvoyant (See), Clairsentience (Feel) Energy healer & offers healing from a place of compassion, peace and joy. 

Qualified & Passionate

Inspirational stones
Donna completely honours and respects Jackie’s Gifts & sees her as a valued addition to the Spectrum Healing Team.

In early 2014, Jackie left her full time corporate role and has since completed her Spectrum Healing training. She has completed all 5 levels of the Journey of Mastery - Mentorship Program facilitated by Donna McCormick. 

This program offered Jackie the full technology of the Spectrum Healing Griding system giving her wisdom and knowledge to support herself and to be of service to you. She also spent a month in Thailand studying to be a Yoga teacher which allowed her to embrace her passion for meditation and the chakra system.

Jackie has been devoted and committed to her learning for many many years and is incredibly grateful to Donna for the opportunity to be the first graduating Spectrum Healer offering Energy Healing and Clairvoyant readings to our valued Spectrum clients.

"Jackie is a warm joyful soul, with a lightness about her that will soften and open anyone heart"

Jackie Argo

Josie La Rocca 

Josie has taken great pleasure and pride in raising her 3 beautiful children who are now grown and making lives of their own. She has recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new addition to the family, her granddaughter, who she finds absolutely adorable and full of delight.

Apart from wearing the many hats which motherhood calls for, she has been a successful business owner. Learning and growing through the challenges of owning her own business and juggling motherhood, her pathway led her into the world of alternative healing and therapies.  


A number of years spent wading through her own “dark night of the soul” experience, awakened her to the understanding there was greater meaning to her perceived struggles. 

Her transformation really began back in 2009 when she visited Donna for a one on one healing session. Within her Donna recognised the blossoming healer. 

Like many who have walked the long and winding road before her, the perceived challenges, were the catalyst to her awakening as a gifted healer. Since that time she has never looked back and has refined her gifts & healing style to become an accomplished Spectrum Healer. 

Sacred unity with the feminine

One of Josie’s greatest gifts is being able to bring you back into sacred unity with your feminine counterpart. 

Compassionate & Heartfelt

Josie has a passion for oils, crystals and working from a heartfelt space to help you shift and release that which no longer serves. 

When you receive a healing from Josie you will feel the kindness of her soul and compassion of her heart. 

"One of Josie’s greatest gifts is being able to bring you back into sacred unity with your feminine counterpart"

Dedicated To Sharing our gifts with Humanity 

95% of Spectrum Healing’s clients come from referrals through word of mouth, something we are very proud of.

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